Re: UTF-8 code in HTML

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 13:10:30 EDT

Hi Addison,

Addison Phillips wrote:
> The "multilingual setup" is not installed by default and most users don't
> know about it, I suspect.

I am not that sure.
First, users with East-European or Russian Windows have the big fonts
by default. Then, Western-Europe users that do surf to i18n contents
quite quickly stumb on the font problem :O|, and when they try to solve
it the way to install the "multilingual setup" (I do not know the name
in English, I am accustomed to "Prise en charge multilingue" ;-))
is the easiest and the most evident (but MS's IE pan-European language
pack is nice too).

> I often, for example, view Polish or Russian pages
> using a wide variety of machines, and most default IE4 and NN4 setups cannot
> display these pages correctly without "little black squares"...

That is correct. But I understand you do that for testing purpose
(I got the same feeling, don't worry). My idea is that if you are
interested in the content of a Polish or Russian page *and* you
are not a professional hacker, then you are a normal Polish or
Russian speaker, and installing the fonts is really the right way
to go anyway.

> and, unless you're running on a machine in the language in question,
> it's usually a several step process to install such support.

I believe there are actually very few setup processes that are easier...
It is just a matter of having the source media at hand (by far the most
difficult), then ten clicks and one reboot.

Anyway, this purpose does only apply to European widely-used languages.
It does not apply to a number of others cases of non-Latin1 based
pages, as you rightly pointed out in the first place.
So I concur with your conclusions.

Best regards,

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