Re: ITA Characters

Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 20:37:19 EDT

Here's my list of I/T/A characters:
·a-z: allready encoded in ASCII subset
·æ ligature: Latin 1 subset, 00E6 (#.230;)
·œ ligature: Latin Extended A subset, 0153 (#.339;)
·'ezh': Latin Extended B subset, 0292 (#.658;)
NOTE: For the <g>, you may use the <g> form on the Phonetic Extensions
subset, code point 0261 (#.609;).

The list of needed I/T/A characters is here:
·'ch' ligature=IPA stretched-<c>+L-C , 0297+0068 (#.663;#.104 or #.633;h)
·front-'th' ligature=similar to IPA right tail-<t> (on 0288 [#.648])+L-C
·back-'th' ligature=mirrored image of L-C <t>+regular L-C
·'sh' ligature=(IPA) 'esh' on Phonetic Extensions subset+L-C , 0283+0068
(#.643;#.104 or #.643;h)
·'ang'=similar to (IPA) 'eng' on Latin Extended A subset, 014B (#.331;), but
with a loop along the midpoint of right descender, on the inside, facing
·'zess'=a mirrored L-C <z>
·'wh' ligature=a L-C <w> having its rightmost angled storke elongated upwards
to meet its L-C adjoining
·open-'ee' ligature
·'ie' ligature
·'ue' ligature
·'script-look <a>'=(IPA) Phonetic Extensions subset character 0251 (#.593;)
·'closed <oo>'=L-C omegha on Greek subset, 03C9 (#.969;)
·'open <oo>'=similar to preceding character, but with a loop at its center
·'oi' ligature
·'ou' ligature
·'back <r>'=a L-C <r> with a leading short slanted tail
Also—for foreign loanwords—are a few more:
·hard back 'ch'=L-C <c>+L-C =ch
·hard back 'g'=similar to IPA 'ghamma' on Phonetic Extensions subset, code
point 0263 (#.611), but topped with an angled roof, looking like a Medieval
English court hand <g>
·'shwi'=a superscripted L-C
I hope this list answers your questions about I/T/A. Thank You!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock 63 Wilson ST Augusta, ME 04330-9473 USA 1(207)623-5176

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