Re: How to create Unicode input methods for MacOS? (long)

From: Deborah Goldsmith (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 16:35:00 EDT

on 4/17/2000 8:10 AM, Sebastian Hagedorn <>

>> I don't think you need to create a full-fledged input method for Greek.
>> A Unicode keyboard layout should suffice. A Unicode keyboard layout is
>> basically a 'uchr' resource that tells the system how to map a sequence
>> of keystrokes to one or more Unicode characters. 'uchr' is a pretty
>> complicated format explained in the PDF document "Supporting Unicode
>> Input", available from Apple's site:
>> <
>> pdf>

Marco is right, a 'uchr' would be easier than an input method.
> I've just taken a look at it and I have remembered that I've seen it
> before. Unfortunately a lot is missing:
> "Creating a 'uchr' Resource: This section is forthcoming." (page 32)

See page 38 in the same document. The data format is described there.

> But this quote
> "The 'uchr' resource contains offsets to tables that may be in
> any order. Because of the complexity of this format, Rez
> may not readily be used to create 'uchr' resources. A
> 'uchr' resource may be created in any data-description
> language that allows the specification of arbitrary binary
> data."
> doesn't sound very promising... ;-)
> The document is from October 1998. Surely there is a more recent draft
> somewhere? If it's not been published, when might it be?

There is not a more recent version, unfortunately. We are working on
improving our documentation.
> Has anybody on this list ever tried to create a 'uchr' resource? Are there
> any tools available that might facilitate the process? Is the 'uchr' format
> the same for Mac OS X?

Yes, the 'uchr' format is the same for Mac OS X.

Our 'uchr' resources are created using an assembler. It's the only tool we
are aware of that can fill in the offsets the 'uchr' data structure
contains. We don't have a custom 'uchr' editing tool at this point (we would
love to have one...).

> My custom 'uchr' should have a negative ID if I don't want to
> associate it with a script. Do I have to reserve the ID I want to use like
> I have to do with creator codes?

I don't believe so. Resource ID conflicts should be resolved either by an
installer or when you drag it into the System file.

I hope this helps...

Deborah Goldsmith
Manager, International Toolbox Group
Apple Computer, Inc.

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