Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 10:31:52 EDT

Sinnathurai ( wrote:
> If you are interested in learning the Tamil alphabets for
> font developing purpose please visit

And Christopher John Fynn ( replied:
> Aaaargh! Another HTML page using a font glyph based
> encoding....

Then, Jim Hargrave ( wrote:
> A good example page is "".
> Download the supplied font and you can view Hindi on your
> English OS. Pretty cool.

And Andreas Prilop ( replied:
> No, it's sick. I suggest to carry that discussion to
> <news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html>.

Christopher and Andreas, everybody in this mailing list knows the best way
to encode Indic scripts (quite easy an answer: just look at the mailing
list's name:-)

But the way you quashed Sinnathurai's and Jim's links makes me think that
you know of viable Unicode solutions usable *now* -- April 20, 2000 -- and
with share this information with us.

Would you thus be so kind to provide:

- links to *free* fonts supporting Indic scripts (*really* supporting them,
not just the glyphs needed for making Unicode charts);

- links to *free* browsers supporting Indic scripts now (*really* supporting
them, no compromises please);

- links to *free or very cheap* software to automatically convert existing
HTML text from the currently used "font-base encoding" to Unicode;

- links to *free or very cheap* authoring tools to write HTML pages in Indic


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