Re: ISFOC, ISCII, Devanagari and Unicode.

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 11:28:55 EDT

Jim Hargrave wrote:
> It's common to display Hindi using ISFOC fonts.
> A good example page is "".

I won't say that is a good example. For example, in IE5 I see some
, , , ... Not what I call pretty.

> Note that the code set of the HTML page is set to Latin1.

... and use some characters codes in the range 80-9F (at least they avoid
80, 8E and 9E that have been redirected to new codes in 1998).

> Is ISCII the underlying codeset of an ISFOC font?

That is not my impression, but I may be wrong on that count.

> That is, can an ISCII encoded page be diplayed properly using an ISFOC font?

It is my understanding that tools from CDAC do just that.

However, I also believe that you can start from other encodings like iTrans
or even plain Unicode!

> If not, is it possible to convert these ISFOC "font codes" directly to/from
> Unicode?

Yes, but that is horribly complex, because the conversion need a lot
of context. For example, in Devanagari, a r that comes at the beginning
of the conjunct is "typed" by the rendering engine very late, after all
the "pieces" for the cluster consonnants have been drawn; furthermore,
this piece (called the reph) is combined with the bindu if the later
appears in the syllable. In the conversion, you are required to parse
the all the glyphs that forms the syllable to find eg. the reph, then
re-order the whole in Unicode order and output the correct codepoints.


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