Resources (was Re: Question: Armenian encoding)

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 09:50:21 EDT

We would appreciate it whenever any of you have any links to useful resources to cc Magda, at She can add them to the Useful Resources page. The more that page is "stocked", the better off we are:

a. many people who are not on this list will see them.
b. if questions do come up on the list, we can direct them there.

The page is at There is a brief description at the bottom of the information she will need, but it is very little more than what people include in their emails already.


Otto Stolz wrote:

> Am 2000-04-21 um 22:04 h UTC hat Curtis Clark geschrieben:
> > But a modest amount of searching on my part has uncovered
> > neither an ISO encoding nor a Windows codepage for Armenian.
> Cf.
> - Armenian Standards Page:
> <>
> - Unicode Mappings:
> extract the three AST*.* files from
> <>
> - Rafi Kojian's Masis font and Papazian keyboard layouts:
> <>
> Good luck,
> Otto Stolz

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