Re: Resources (was Re: Question: Armenian encoding)

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 00:18:56 EDT

Hacked fonts may be useful as a source of glyphs. If you write a one-line description of what's found at that link as a source of glyphs it wouldn't hurt to be on the page.


Peter Constable wrote:

> Mark wrote:
> >We would appreciate it whenever any of you have any links
> >to useful resources to cc Magda, at She
> >can add them to the Useful Resources page. The more that
> >page is "stocked", the better off we are...
> in response to a message containing, among other things,
> >> - Rafi Kojian's Masis font and Papazian keyboard layouts:
> >> <>
> The fonts at this link are not Unicode-encoded but rather are
> custom codepage-encoded (what some call "hacked fonts"). Do you
> want links to such on the Unicode site? There would likely be a
> *lot*. On the other hand, our Fonts in Cyberspace site attempts
> to provide links to as many sources of multilingual fonts as
> possible, whether encoded with Unicode or a custom codepage,
> and is regularly being updated. This could be offered as a
> single link from the Unicode site. Fonts in Cyberspace is at
> Peter

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