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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 02:23:45 EDT

At 9:09 AM -0800 4/26/2000, Gunther Schadow wrote:
>I need some people to help me out with an issue that Japanese people
>took with Unicode. I need to learn more about the use of Unicode in
>Japan. To give you some background:


>To give you at least some substance: the argument was made that the
>Unicode CJK characters are insufficient to faithfully write people's
>names, since the various traditions and character reforms in China,
>Korea, and Japan have produced differences that, while they may be
>unimportant in usual writing, are important in name writing. Example
>is Korean nationals living in Japan.

Really? This seems to mean that Japanese computer users object to
Unicode because it would prevent them from rendering Korean names
correctly in Japanese registries--but they already cannot do that
using any of the Japanese character standards. Unicode plus language
tagging and language-specific fonts is the solution, not the problem.

If you can get someone to give a really specific scenario where they
claim a problem exists, we can dissect it and explain the Unicode
solution. We have done this on this list with Japanese objectors in
the past. Some of the most vehement objectors have turned out to be
exercised about a single character that happens to have different
glyphs in language-specific fonts, while completely overlooking the
fact that formatted multilingual documents necessarily contain tags
for sections in different languages, so that the correct glyph can be
used in each context.

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