Re: Japan opposes any proposals with “UNICODE is the only

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 04:00:53 EDT

Gunther Schadow wrote on 2000-04-26 17:09 UTC:
> - The representative from Japan, leader of both HL7 Japan and the=20
> ISO TC215 delegation made a presentation that included the following
> statement at the end:
> Japan opposes any proposals with 'UNICODE is the only way'.

It is actually all very simple:

For some obscure historical reasons and misunderstandings, "Unicode" is
a taboo word in Japan. Simply replace in everything you say to Japanese
people the word "Unicode" by "JIS X 0221", and your problem is solved.
The two are technically the same, but the later is a Japanese National
Standard and therefore it is the only politically correct way of talking
to Japanese geeks about character sets.

Try it, you will definitely be surprised how good this works ... !


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