Re: Official ISO 639 changes

From: Martin J. Duerst (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 03:32:17 EDT

At 00/04/25 12:15 +0100, Michael Everson wrote:
>Ar 17:07 -0800 2000-04-24, scr$ByP(Bbh Martin J. Duerst:

> >Some suggestions/questions:
> >
> >- Please make sure that this page is served indicating
> > iso-8895-1 as its encoding, according to
> >
>I will pass this along. I don't see the point of your other HTML
>suggestions; some of the tags are unfamiliar to me and probably to my
>editor and browser anyway.

Michael - If you assume that you browser is not allowed to
know more than you, then you'r definitely wrong. Some of
the things I suggest go back to some versions of Netscape 1,
as I have confirmed with my colleagues, and I doubt there
are many people who still use this version.

> >- New definitions of 2-letter codes make it more difficult
> > to define what code should be used in ietf-based protocols.
> > Originally, the idea for the update to RFC 1766 was to use
> > the two-letter code where this already existed, but the
> > three-letter code for the other languages. This will need
> > some more thought, and probably a cutoff date or a precedence
> > rule. The table would provide enough information for that.
>The RA-JAC agreed a mechanism to ensure that there will be no overlap of
>2-letter and 3-letter codes. It is a cutoff date and precedence rule; I'm
>not sure if it's been cast in resolutionese yet or not. It's dependent on
>the finalization of the revision of 639-1.

Looks good. Please mail us when you know more.

Regards, Martin.

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