Re: Japan opposes any proposals with UNICODE is the only

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 10:47:27 EDT

    Mary> This is the kind of patronizing tone that Unicode developers and
    Mary> champions should do their best to avoid. If programmers and the
    Mary> public at large in CJK and other countries are resistant to Unicode
    Mary> for unfounded reasons, the Unicode consortium should be doing a
    Mary> better job of explaining itself publicly. Huffily dismissing
    Mary> criticism that has "already been hashed out here many times" or
    Mary> calling objectors "Japanese geeks" doesn't really present a friendly
    Mary> face to the end user who may have legitimate cultural objections to
    Mary> how the code has been created and implemented, as well as technical
    Mary> concerns that need to be addressed.

When you have been through the same explanations thousands of times, in every
possible variation, and often to the same set of individuals that seem unable
to understand any of it, patience becomes strained.
Mark Leisher
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