Re: Encoding Bengali Vowel forms (again)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 10:07:01 EDT wrote:
> As usual, I cannot stop spitting my little word :-|

I believe I am as bad as you are. :-|.

> Abdul Malik wrote in his report:
> > Conclusion
> > ‘Vowel A_zophola_AA’ and ‘Vowel E_zophola_AA’ need to be
> > included in the Bengali Unicode range as separate vowels.
> > [...]
> I have no opinions about accepting or not this proposal.

Neither do I. However, on OpenType, Apurva Joshi (who I believe
is also on this list) did comment that this would be a much better
solution that the existing state of affairs (i.e. using viram-ya
after a vowel).

> What I think, however, is that it is wrong to say that such a change is
> *needed* for encoding Bengali.

As you, I do not believe this is *needed*. BUT, I believe the issue
should be sorted out, in order to provide correct rendering tools
for Bengali, adapted to the choosen solution. Whether the solution
for A-ya will be [\u0985\u09CD\u09AF\u09BE or \u0991 as proposed by Abdul
or \u098D as used (indirectly) in CDAC products, or \u09Fx as
suggested by Apurva], the current products need to be adjusted anyway.


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