Re: UCS-2

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 07:44:08 EDT

Peter Constable wrote:
> >It is expected that no characters will ever be assigned in
> >Unicode that require the five-byte and six-byte UTF-8 forms, so
> >you can consider the maximum for UTF-8 to be four bytes.
> You can, in fact, state this more strongly: *No characters will
> ever be assigned* in Unicode that require the five-byte and
> six-byte UTF-8 forms. Based on recent WG2 decisions (I think
> they made this decision last month), the same is true for ISO
> 10646. All that's left now would be to formally change the
> definition for UTF-8 to eliminate the five- and six-byte forms.

Do they intent to deprecate private use characters in the ranges 00E00000
to 00FF0000 and 60000000 to 7FFFFFFF?

As far as I know, for the moment there are available for use, at least
with UCS-4 (I understand they should be avoided if using UTF-32).


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