uuuuu = wwww + 1 means ?

From: James E. Agenbroad (jage@loc.gov)
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 11:35:40 EDT

                                            Tuesday, May 2, 2000

In table 3-1 on UTF-8 bit distribution a note about conversion of
surrogate pairs says: "Where uuuuu = wwww + 1 (to account for addition of
10000(16) as in Section 3.7, Surrogates)." I would appreciate some help
with this. Does it mean: Always add one to the binary value of wwww; if
wwww was 1111, uuuuu becomes 10000, otherwise uuuuu becomes 0 followed by
the sum of wwww +1. For example, if wwww were 1010, uuuuu becomes 01011.
     Some alternatives: 1. If wwww is 1111 make uuuuu = 10000; add 1 only
if wwww = 1111; otherwise precede wwww by zero. 2. To create uuuuu always
insert a 1 before the value of wwww. 3. To create uuuuu always insert a 1
after the value of wwww. My uncertainty is due to understanding that
uuuuu should always be one bit longer than wwww, but that adding 1 to wwww
will only increase its length when the value of wwww is 1111.
     Thanks in advance.

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