Note my new e-mail address...

Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 21:54:40 EDT

Hello! It's been great communicating with y'all via AOL e-mail during the
past year. Soon, I'll be leaving my soon-passing address at AOL; I just
moved over to WorldSpy, a free-of-charge ISP (that'll cost me nothing—I'll be
saving an extra $22 off my balance I've been having on the credit card I've
been using to pay for access on AOL). So, here's the new e-mail address that
you'll be contacting me at from now on:

PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF IT!! Please print off this notice to keep on hand.
You'll need it... Thank You!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock 63 Wilson ST Augusta, ME 04330-9473 USA 1(207)623-5176

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