New bi-directional categories

From: John O'Conner (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 03:52:46 EDT

I noticed that many new bidi categories are in the 3.0 spec. There are
only a few that really get my attention:
PDF, RLE, LRE, RLO, and LRO. Each of these have only one character that
claims that property:
PDF: U+202C
RLE: U+202B
LRE: U+202A
RLO: U+202E
LRO: U+202D

These properties seem to uniquely identify with only a single character
in the entire Unicode fact the characters with these
properties actually use the property as their name. In other words,
U=202C's name is POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING. If this property is so
tightly coupled with a specific character, why bother creating a special
property in the first place? Why not simply assign these characters to
existing bidi categories like BN or ON? Implementors have to handle
these characters as "special characters" why not just drop
them into an existing category? Does BN or ON not fit these?

-- John O'Conner

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