Re: Hangul (de)composition

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 11:35:25 EDT

It is a canonical transformation. See the note under D3 in

> Note: Hangul syllable decomposition is considered a canonical decomposition. See Technical Report #8: The Unicode Standard, Version 2.1 ( or The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0. Also see Annex 10: Hangul.

See also D23 in the 3.0 book.

Please let us know where you looked and didn't find the answer -- it will help to improve the site. We probably ought to add it to Formats, for one.

Mark wrote:

> This is probably another FAQ question, but I was unable to find it anywhere.
> Is the algorithmical mapping of Hangul jamos to precomposed syllables and
> vice versa (see. UTR #15:
> a *canonical* or
> *compatibility* transformation?
> _ Marco

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