RE: Compression and Unicode [was: Name Compression]

Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 04:18:32 EDT

Juliusz wrote:
> (Torsten Mohrin) writes:
> TM> In SC UniPad we use a compressed name table. [...]
> Why not use Huffman encoding? [...]
> It would be a little bit more computationally expensive than your
> scheme due to the need to access parts of bytes, but would yield a
> much better compression ratio.

I had a look to the Sharmahd's UniPad editor: the Unicode name and other
properties for the character at the cursor are dynamically shown in the
status bar as you move the cursor. So I guess that the extra expense of
using more aggressive compression schemes would not be so little. Their
algorithm looks like a correct economic balance between memory and

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