Re: Unicode copyleft inquiry

Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 04:12:59 EDT

Asmus Freytag schrieb:

> Don't use Ohm, Kelvin and Angstrom, unless you want to be denormalized.

there is legitimate use of Ohm instead of Omega: In continental european
typography, uppercase greek math letters are set in italics by default,
while units of measurement *must* be typeset upright. Anglo-american
typography usually sets capital greek math upright -- with lowercase italics.

If you want an Ohm sign in european mathematical typography (and not an
math italic capital omega) it is wise to use a special code for it.

TeX follows the anglo-american way in this respect. Of course, you can
change this feature, since TeX is programmable.

--J"org Knappen

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