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Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 14:44:55 EDT

Just to keep this in the arena....

Vladas Tumasonis <>wrote:
>Brendan Murray/DUB/Lotus wrote:
>> "Graeme E. Coutts" <>wrote:
>> > I am working on a project which involves the transliteration of Arabic
>> Geographic Names into English text.
>> See the ICU project - there's some Arabic/Latin transliteration already
>> done there. It's on
>> >However, there is one character + diacritical combination that I have
>> failed to find a code for:
>> In general, you can encode an accented character using the base
character +
>> the combining accent. For example, in the case of CAPITAL Z WITH
>> you can generate this using LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z (U+005A) + COMBINING
>> CEDILLA (U+0327).
>> B=
> It is possible? CAPITAL Z WITH CEDILLA has not own Unicode code. So this
> letter should be expressed by composite sequence as you wrote (and the
> glyph should be generated in rendering). But as I know there is no yet
> implementation of this feature, there is no text processor supporting
> composite sequences. O may be there is some possibility?

Actually, very many products already process combining characters
correctly.You might consider upgrading whatever you're using, if you need
support for such characters. For example, there is currently talk of
encoding the CopyLeft symbol in Unicode. Just as an excercise, we found
that this non-existant character could easily be displayed in Lotus 1-2-3,
using the currently encoded characters.

> It is very very important for Lithuania because Lithuanian language has
> 35 accented letters (latin letters with acute accent, grave accent and
> tilde) that have not UCS codes. And we can not enter, process and
> display (print) such letters using multibyte technology.

What Lithaunian character is not in Unicode? I think you'll find that
you're mistaken - perhaps you're confusing Unicode with ASCII.

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