Transliteration of Arabic characters into English

From: Graeme E. Coutts (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 02:32:05 EDT


I am working on a project which involves the transliteration of Arabic Geographic Names into English text. The rules for this transliteration is defined by an ISO standard. I am currently converting all of my work to use Unicode as the encoding method for the English text. The English text uses a combination of base Latin and diacritical characters to represent the sounds of the Arabic language.

The diacritics that are used in this process are mainly the acute, macron, and the cedilla. I have managed to locate Unicode representations for the majority of the characters including CAPITAL H WITH CEDILLA, CAPITAL A WITH MACRON to name a couple. However, there is one character + diacritical combination that I have failed to find a code for:


- Am I missing these in the list?
- or are these two character combinations not present in the current Unicode standard?
- If these are not present, can anyone suggest how I can represent these in my work?


Graeme Coutts.

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