Re: Unicode copyleft inquiry

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 19:26:36 EDT

At 09:12 AM 5/11/00 +0100, J%ORG KNAPPEN wrote:
>Asmus Freytag schrieb:
> > Don't use Ohm, Kelvin and Angstrom, unless you want to be denormalized.

This statement is true by design of the Normalization Algorithm.

>there is legitimate use of Ohm instead of Omega: In continental european
>typography, uppercase greek math letters are set in italics by default,
>while units of measurement *must* be typeset upright. Anglo-american
>typography usually sets capital greek math upright -- with lowercase italics.

This is interesting.

>If you want an Ohm sign in european mathematical typography (and not an
>math italic capital omega) it is wise to use a special code for it.

unfortunately, we have decreed that this special code is to be normalized
to OMEGA, and I understand that Normalization has to be absolutely
unchangeable in order to be useful, so while you can use the special code,
you can't transmit it across any path that uses the Early Uniform
Normalization that the W3C requires.

>TeX follows the anglo-american way in this respect. Of course, you can
>change this feature, since TeX is programmable.


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