Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 11:07:43 EDT

G. Adam Stanislav schrieb:

>> First, FSF is not perceived as a company, at least here, but much more
>> like a sect or a philosophical trend.

> Which only goes to show you how successful a gimmick it was.

Philosophical aside: _All_ characters in UNicode are human inventions,
or gimmicks, as you say. You cannot "find" any character in nature (like
finding a chemical element or a new biological species). And yes,
"successfulness" is _the_ criterion for inclusion in UNicode. UNicode
encodes the sucessfull character humans invented over time. In a few cases
we can name the inventor (Weierstrass for the ℘ \wp Weiserstrass p),
in other cases their names are long forgotten. Nevertheless, they all
are invented.

--J"org Knappen

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