From: G. Adam Stanislav (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 13:48:40 EDT

At 07:29 16-05-2000 -0800, Robert Brady wrote:
>By the way, can you point me to some free software you wrote?

For starters, I used to head the team of developers of Opus, a completely
free BBS, over a decade ago. I wrote many free programs at the time.

> I tried
>looking at some programs on your website, but they all seem to be
>source-available programs with restrictions on use and distributation that
>make then non-free.

What restrictions??? You can use most of them without paying me a penny.
And most come with full source code. The only "restrictions" I have ever
asked for was that if someone changes the code for any of the Windows DLLs
I wrote, they also change the name of the DLL so there is no conflict when
another programmer expects a DLL to behave in a specific way.

Many of my programs come under the BSD license, which is as non-restrictive
as can be: You can use them, and distribute them with or without source
code. How much more freedom do you want? And most of them just come - I
generally don't even bother with any kind of silly legalities: Here it is,
do with it what you want.


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