RE: Info required on GSM 03.38 (SMS charset)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 15:04:48 EDT

> Karlsson Kent - keka <> wrote:
> > Well, there is an image...
> > Karl-Ivar Larsson, consulting with Ericsson and ETSI, tried to
> > create an actual mapping, giving the UCS characters. I think there
> > was a slight ambiguity for at least one of the characters, there was
> > also a suggestion on an extension: ESCAPE (0x0B) followed by anothe

0x1B, presumably.

> > byte to encode a character from the extension.
> This is exactly the part I'm trying to get info on. I found a document
> tagged as version 7.0.0 from 1998, but it's still unclear how the ESC
> works. AFAIK there's a version 7.2.0, but I can't find any references to it
> anywhere.

The big Mapping of ETSI documents on lists the following as
the most recent version of the GSM 03.38 spec, as best I can tell:

spec type ETSI nbr vers. WI ref date
03.38 TS 100 900 7.2.0 RTS/SMG-040338Q7 10-Aug-99

ETSI members presumably should be able to download the spec without
charge from Non-ETSI members are charged a fee for

By the way, the name of the spec is "Alphabets and language-specific


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