Re: Questions on Greek characters

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 17:09:59 EDT

Nick NICHOLAS wrote:

> I feel it only fair to warn people, btw, that the Antioch Unicode fonts
> ( are already placing a capital lunate
> sigma (and capital yod!) in U+03f4 and U+03f5...

For heaven's sake, use the Private Use Area instead. Stepping on unassigned
codepoints is a Very Bad Thing.
> Nothing about these characters makes sense.

The whole U+1Fxx block was forced on Unicode by the merger with ISO 10646.
> My suspicion is that the characters U+1fc8 and U+1fc9 are intended as
> polytonic equivalents of U+0389; the acute corresponds to the the tonos,

Indeed, U+1FC8 is now canonically equivalent to U+0389, which means in
effect that the former is deprecated in favor of the latter.

> So: anyone know where these characters came from? And any chance they can
> become somehow deprecated?

If they are never needed to encode text, they'll never get used, that's all.


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