Re: Questions on Greek characters

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 10:37:39 EDT

    Michael> Ar 10:38 -0800 2000-05-17, scríobh Nick NICHOLAS:
>> I feel it only fair to warn people, btw, that the Antioch Unicode fonts
>> ( are already placing a capital lunate
>> sigma (and capital yod!) in U+03f4 and U+03f5...

    Michael> They are not allowed to do this, and if it ends up costing them
    Michael> money because WG2 and UTC assign real character to those
    Michael> positions it serves them right.

    Michael> Indeed it is quite possible that the Q-FORM KOPPAs may be
    Michael> assigned there.

Everyone seems to forget that these *glyphs* in this font were assigned *glyph
codes* of U+03f4 and U+03f5, not character codes. It really doesn't matter
where the glyphs occur in the font, as long as the character->glyph mapping
works, no?
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