Re: Accents in Greek and in Greek Extended

Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 12:51:32 EDT

Antoine Leca wrote:
> John Hudson wrote:
> >
> > When I am designing Greek types, I have my work reviewed by Gerry Leonidas
> > at the typography department of the University of Reading in England.
> > Gerry's specifications for the tonos are quite explicit: it should never be
> > entirely veritical, but should slant slightly to the right, although not as
> > far as the Latin acute in many fonts.
> Perhaps, such as the (lc) acute accent in Garamont? or more vertical?
> Antoine

Like the TONOS in Times New Roman and Arial (MS Windows), or unlike the
TONOS in Courier New.
Palatino Linotype (MS Windows 2000) is generally good (especially its
U+03CA, U+03CB), although its U+0390, U+03B0 should be like its U+1FD3,
U+1FE3. Also, U+1FEC should have its breathing reversed.

As far as it concerns the TONOS (=accent) term, it is practically a
synonym for OXIA (or an OXIA-like symbol); see the old (pre-monotonic)
Greek saying: "he scored ten with a tonos" or 10' (a schoolboy's score
of excellence in the past - A+). In this case the tonos (') is the
numeral sign (U+0374).


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