Re: Questions on Greek characters

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 13:47:52 EDT

    Marco> However, extreme care should be taken to not confuse this private
    Marco> convention with the Unicode standard itself. Two things could have
    Marco> been avoided in the present case:

    Marco> 1) Avoid using the "U+" prefix when talking about glyph codes
    Marco> (hmmm... What about "G+"?)

A pleasingly elegant, simple alternative. I'll use it.

    Marco> 2) Avoid using unassigned code points. If Unicode assigns them
    Marco> later, the "natural" glyph code for the new Unicode character will
    Marco> result occupied, and a less mnemonic mapping will become necessary.

Perhaps an alternate phrasing:

2) Avoid using unassigned Unicode/ISO10646 character code points as glyph
   codes. The idea that characters and glyphs are two different things is not
   well understood by the general computer-using population.
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