From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 15:40:13 EDT

> Do you have information on the WGL character set?


> This is the font that Windows users may have.

This is the character repertoire that most Windows fonts implement.

> What characters are in it and what are the character numbers?

See above.

> Is this a subset of Unicode?

It is a subset of Unicode plus two private use characters.

> Are the character numbers the same?


> > Agfa Monotype has told me that:
> > "We (MS and AMC) refer to this character set designation as "WGL".

We are the Borg. Your designation is now "WGL4". Resistance is futile.

> > "World Glyph List" [...] This is
> > really a misnomer in the sense that this is only a small portion of the
> > world's glyphs."

It is therefore now called "Windows Glyph List Four" and essentially
contains ISO 6937 plus all Microsoft/IBM 8-bit code pages, plus the odd
additional character.

If you want to have a "World Glyph List", you'll probably have to take
full Unicode 3.0 and remove all the compatibility characters.


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