Re: Question about \uxxxx etc. for 21-bit code points - need advice

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 19:09:54 EDT


i have not read the new drafts for c and c++, but this sounds like they are not well synchronized with each other and with java.
the java parsing behavior is very well specified in .

i want to urge everyone with any influence on the c and c++ standards to make sure that they do the same for \u parsing (and \U) as java does. otherwise, porting between c/c++ and java would become unnecessarily more complicated.

one of the things that the \u parsing in java recognizes is that even numbers of backslashes before a u will not result in \u parsing, which is what one would expect with common escaping behavior. it is confusing enough that different \ escapes are unescaped at different times of the parsing, but having slightly different rules for these programming languages is not going to make it easier.

if it is true that the 3 standards define this in 3 different ways, then it is a mess.

(it also seems artificial to limit the range of code points to non-ascii values.)

failing synchronization of c/c++ with java, i believe that synchronization of c with c++ is an absolute must.


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