Re: Hebrew numerals

Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 21:01:43 EDT

This is the Hebrew numeration system:
'alef 1 yud 10 quf 100
bet 2 kaf 20 re'sh 200
gimel 3 lamed 30 sin/shin 300
dalet 4 mem 40 taw 400
he' 5 nun 50
waw 6 samekh 60
zayin 7 `ayin 70
khet 8 pe' 80
tet 9 tsaddi 90
NOTE 1: 500 taw-quf or kaf-sofit
           600 taw-re'sh or mem-sofit
           700 taw-sin/taw-shin or nun-sofit
           800 taw-taw or pe' sofit
           900 taw-taw-quf or tsaddi-sofit
NOTE 2: (1,000)s denoted by an umlaut above, (1,000,000)s denoted by a rafeh
NOTE 3: Phoneme variants of letters count as if it is a primary letter (Ex:
The pe' variant read as /f/ still counts as |80|, just like the standard
phoneme /p/.) Vowel & cantillation marks don't have any numerical values.

Thank You!

PS.: I heard a Hebrew theme song that's also featured in a popular Easter
drama (Messiah Alive): `Avenu Shalom 'Alekhem. I'm certain that 2 of the
title's words are written (in Hebrew) shin-lamed-waw-mem [space] 'alef-lamed-y
ud-kaf-mem; would the starting word (I seen it before in a Hebrew how-to
book) be spelled `ayin-bet-yud-nun-waw?! It's often seen written as Aveinu
(mispelled—regrettably—[on the CD cover] as Hevenu). That song is the main
theme for the Sar Shalom radio show. Thank You!

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