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Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 00:14:57 EDT

At 16:54 -0800 5/26/2000, RWhizz12@aol.com wrote:
>PS.: I heard a Hebrew theme song

Yiddish, actually, even though the words are of Hebrew origin.

>that's also featured in a popular Easter
>drama (Messiah Alive): `Avenu Shalom 'Alekhem.

Chavenu sholom aleichem, in YIVO orthography

>I'm certain that 2 of the
>title's words are written (in Hebrew)

>shin-lamed-waw-mem [space] 'alef-lamed-yud-kaf-mem;

Mem sofit, both times. "Peace to you", used for Hello and Goodbye.

>would the starting word (I seen it before in a Hebrew how-to
>book) be spelled `ayin-bet-yud-nun-waw?!


our friends

>It's often seen written as Aveinu
>(mispelled’Äîregrettably’Äî[on the CD cover] as Hevenu).

Not too far off, actually, depending on regional accents.

>That song is the main
>theme for the Sar Shalom radio show.

and the standard farewell for our youth group at the YMHA in
Elizabeth NJ 40 years ago.

>Thank You!
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