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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 06:46:37 EDT

Ar 14:35 -0800 2000-05-27, scríobh Bernd Warken:
>> Proponents of the reversed copyright sign need to demonstrate, like
>> everyone else, that the proposed character is in actual use.
>There is lots of stuff using the copyleft symbol. Have a look at
> (note the postfix .net).

Which means what? Postfixes are for sale, aren't they? ;-)

>Among other things, they offer T-shirts and hats with the copyleft
>symboli for sale.

Um, the site you refer to doesn't have "other things"; it does have
T-shirts and hats.

>Moreover, the frames of their web-pages show the reversed C.

As a very nice logo indeed.

>Enough evidence?

The plain text requirement is the litmus test. We don't want to see
assertions from the Copyleft Consortium that these things are in use by
lots of people. We need to see software documentation made by different,
unrelated people and organizations (I should like to see at least 10
examples) where instead of

"©2000 Michael Everson. All Rights Reserved."

the copyright page (or verso of the title page, if you prefer) states

"*2000 Michael Everson. No Rights Reserved."

or the like.

The fact that folks are making money off the symbol makes it look even more
logo-like to many readers of this list, I suspect. I do understand it to be
a kind of assertion of copyright, useable in examples such as I give above;
such use would constitute evidence.

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