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From: Dean Abramson (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 18:38:06 EDT

Hi All,

It's been a while since I've been involved in Unicode or multilingual
anything. Since the very beginning of 1999 Bjondi has turned into
Skworm and shifted its efforts into Internet technologies.

Since our departure from the Unicode community, we have left our
Bjondi web site (mostly) untouched which still offers our Character
Agent and UniAPI software free for download that we had developed
now quite some time ago.

Apparently (we're told on occasion) this little utility has gained
quite a following, and in fact what used to be an occasional download
or two has turned into several downloads every day.

I was kinda curious to hear if anyone is using Character Agent on a
regular basis, and if there is a collective interest in an upgrade
to Character Agent that supports Unicode 3.0? Also, since time is
limited for us, AND also since we are way out of touch with Unicode
these days, would there be anyone interested in lending a hand in an

To date we know of nobody using UniAPI (which happens to be the most
important part of the product). I was also wondering if anyone is
actually using it, and if there is an interest in extending it to an
open community effort? In case you do use Character Agent, and don't
know what UniAPI is, you probably should!

Thank you kindly,

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