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From: Cathy Wissink (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 14:22:27 EDT

Hi Jeff,

regarding your first question: you can find the Win2000 keyboards on line
at and look at the section about
keyboard layouts. If you have any questions concerning these, please feel
free to contact me directly.

Cathy Wissink

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Subject: International Keyboard Layouts

We've found some differences in French Canadian keyboard in which we're
trying to understand.

Can you direct me to a resource which has commonly used keyboard layouts
for a variety of countries? More specifically; French Canadian,
Canadian Multilingual, US, US-International .
Preferably, an internet site which layouts can be viewed.

Are you aware of a standards body which sets establishes the standard?

Thank you in advance.

Jeff Hickey
Information Services
Edward Jones
St Louis, MO

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