Re: Missing Turkmen Character

From: Stephan Peters (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 16:02:01 EDT

You can see a poor quality GIF of the entire characterset at

Unfortunately all of the books I brought home from Turkmenistan were
still in Cyrillic, (even a Turkish publication with Turkmen latin on the
cover!), so I can not show you the character in text. It is also not a
commonly used character, which makes it worse. Note the upper and lower
case J, both are undotted.

-Stephan Peters

"Becker, Joseph" wrote:
> Would like to see some pictures of it, all I've found is:
> "A Turkmen Latin alphabet was adopted in 1993 with some inconvenient
> special letters not found in any other Turkic Latin alphabet."
> Joe

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