Re: Clarifications on Thamizh Character Set Standardisations

From: Padma kumar .R (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 02:31:18 EDT

Dear Antoine,

Antoine wrote:
>I am unable to represent myself if it departs from my idea of the
>order (at first sight, it looks like lla U+0BB3 comes after rra U+0BB1
>for you, on row 6, while all my sources have lla U+0BB3 before
>rra U+0BB1; for the record, row 20 seems to have the order I know).

sorry Antoine, that is due to my careless mistake.. and u r correct.. and it
sould be... lla U+0BB3 followed by rra U+0BB1.. (.... ya, ra, la, va, zha,
LLa, RRa, na...)
and i am having the corrected list at..

    And thank you for your words about the Thamizh character set
standardisation in UNICODE. eventhough i realise that UNICODE can't
rearrange its character order at any cause, beeing a Thamizhan, i am having
a feeling that.. letters of my mother-tongue is not in a traditional order
in one of the important global standard..

    It is like an english man feeling that english alphabets are in the
wrong order like A, E ,I, O U, B, P, C, K, G, J, H, ....... YES, this
english order is in the phonetic order.... but not in the traditional

    AND that is my inner heart feeling.... not only mine... all those
Thamizh speaking people in the world who are aware of this UNICODE Thamizh
character set standardisation.

Thanks to every body who did their efforts towards standardisation of all
the spoken and non spoken languages of this small wold. AND ISCII team.

- Padmakumar

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