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From: Elliotte Rusty Harold (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 09:59:09 EDT

At 8:26 PM -0800 5/31/00, Alain wrote:

>For those who read French, before buying the standard, you can have
>a look at OLF site (this one also describes the labelig prescribed
>by ISO/IEC 9995-1 and the symbols of ISO/IEC 9995-7):

Very interesting and actually quite relevant to a book I'm writing now.

Quick question: In the U.S. government documents are not protected by
copyright and can be reproduced freely. A quick look at tells me that this is not
the case in Canada, and I would need to get permission before
reprinting the picture at in my book. However, My
French isn't nearly good enough for me to trust my translation; and
my knowledge of Canadian law is zilch. If anyone does know for sure
that permission is or is not required to reproduce a government
document, would you please let me know? Thanks. Right now I'm
assuming it is required.

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