Multilingual Support with Servlet,jdbc

From: Zhiyong Zhang (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 05:35:12 EDT

I am involved a project that support web users input in different language,
and do some sort things on database. I've encountered some difficulties on
the decision of different user's encoding, different user's input in
different language, and parse the info in servlet and then do sort on
database in JDBC,the database's character set is UTF8(with different
charater String in different language or another way, the different language
info are stored in the extension field of database CLOB), and index it, and
search it in different language.

1. I couldn't make sure which way is good and practical solution now.

2. Could you introduce some important java API that handle the regarding
things, such as parse the string that web user sent in different language,
and transfer in unicode, and then utf8. I use servlet do the commute thing
between web browser and web server

3. I store cities table in database with some info in different language,
and need to support search in different language and come back to web user
in their preffered language. Could you give a good solution to implement it.

4. One question about how to take the different language string sent from
the html form, suppose we know the encoding, and use inputstremreader, the
question is how to get the specific form parameter value for the stream..(i
know the StringBufferedInputStream is deprectated,what's the replacement for
it); to support input in diffrent language in web browser.
6. the good and practical way to decide whice encoding the web clients used. there any common jdbc driver(pure java) supporting convert from
different characterset of database to unicode or utf8, that's indepent jdbc
from different database vedors.

I think I am engaging in a very challenging project.

I really appreciate any help on the above question

zhiyong zhang

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