RE: Linguistic precedence [was: (TC304.2313) AND/OR: antediluvian

Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 11:39:54 EDT

> Actually, in the case of the 10 EU languages being referred to, I do not
> think there would be any dissention as to the order, would there be?
> Admittedly if Lithuania was in the EU and there were countries that
> with a "Y" there as well, there would be problems with people who did not
> understand the order and thought that the "Y" countries were jumping ..

I admit to nitpicking because in this particular case, the language names,
we may be just lucky so that there are no collation conflicts.

But believing that there is a collation order that works across all the
(Latin script, let's not even go to Cyrillic and Greek) languages is a very
fallacy: the things conflicting are the 'accented' characters (like
and o-diaereses in German versus in Swedish/Finnish), and special
cases like the 'll' and 'ch' of Spanish, and pairs like v/w and i/j being
"to the same place", and so on.

(Has somebody written a comprehensive collection of all these collation

And, in future, Lithuania may be a member in the EU. (Where *do* they sort
by the way?)

Jarkko Hietaniemi <>

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