RE: Linguistic precedence [was: (TC304.2313) AND/OR: antediluvian

From: Michael Kaplan (Trigeminal Inc.) (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 12:01:53 EDT

>I admit to nitpicking because in this particular case, the language
>we may be just lucky so that there are no collation conflicts.

I believe this is an accurate statement... .we ARE lucky, so far.

>But believing that there is a collation order that works across all
>European languages is a very hopeless fallacy

I agree. Eventually someone will have a language name that does not fit....
or a language like German will inist on sorting sooner, under Deutsch rather
than under German, etc. (which I personally think makes more sense than
making a locale take someone's translation of their language name, FWIW).
People can always find something to fight about, sometimes we help them by
not frustrating them and making them look quite so hard. :-)

> >(Has somebody written a comprehensive collection of all these collation
> >problems?)
Well, the only ones I regularly deal with are the Traditional Spanish sort
and the Lithuanian sort, there are undoutably others. The accent/grave
issues are easier and few people would really object to sorts that place the
characters with diacriticals right after the base characters. So it is
really only DIFFERENT sorts that make people upset.

> >And, in future, Lithuania may be a member in the EU. (Where *do* they
> sort
> >'Y', by the way?)
They sort "Y" after "I". The second i18N bug in a software product that I
ever had to fix was relaetd to this issue. :-)


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