RE: Linguistic precedence [was: (TC304.2313) AND/OR: antediluvian

From: Robert A. Rosenberg (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 15:16:18 EDT

At 07:53 AM 06/15/2000 -0800, Michael Kaplan (Trigeminal Inc.) wrote:
>Eventually someone will have a language name that does not fit....
>or a language like German will inist on sorting sooner, under Deutsch rather
>than under German, etc. (which I personally think makes more sense than
>making a locale take someone's translation of their language name, FWIW).

Since it was stated that Greek was displayed between German and Spanish,
I;d assume that German was Deutsch since Spanish is Espanol (not sure if
that "n" is "n" or "" as well as if my spelling is correct).

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