Round-trip compatibility

From: Lacoursiere, Guy (Guy.Lacoursiere@Cognos.COM)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 11:24:07 EDT


The following are excerpts from the mapping tables contained on the Unicode
3.0 CD for CNS-11643 and BIG5. The mapping tables are 7 years old. However
since they are on the Unicode 3.0 CD I am assuming that they are still

# WARNING! It is currently impossible to provide round-trip compatibility
# between CNS 11643-1986 and Unicode.
# (1) Some characters are not currently mapped because
# of conflicts with other mappings. They include the following:
# CNS Description Comments
# 0x12224 SPACING HEAVY OVERSCORE not in Unicode
# 0x12226 SPACING HEAVY UNDERSCORE not in Unicode
The same two characters from the Big-5 table are said to be missing from

What the document isn't saying is how to handle round-trip compatibility to
Unicode and back to CNS-11643 (same with Big-5). Are there any compatible
characters in Unicode to map these code points to? If we map these
characters to the Private Use Area, we can return them to CNS-11643, but if
we display them directly in Unicode, how can we cope with the font issue?


Guy Lacoursière
Software Globalisation Consultant
Cognos Incorporated

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