IUC 17 Related Announcement

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 21:31:40 EDT

Unicode Trivia Bowl

As part of the reception on Thursday, September 7th
at the International Unicode Conference, the Unicode
Consortium will be holding a Trivia Bowl.

All conference attendees are invited to participate in
this gala event at which valuable and interesting prizes
will be awarded to happy winners. Contestants will be
able to sign-up during the reception. *

The trivial questions for this event have been painstakingly
selected by the Consortium officers, with a range of
difficulty from mindlessly simple toss-offs to mind-boggling
thesis questions. Most of the answers, of course, are to be
found either in the Unicode Standard, or on the Unicode web
site, or have been discussed ad nauseum on the Unicode mail
list. Certain questions will be "open book", therefore
contestants are allowed to bring with them whatever
reasonable materials they wish, printed or electronic,
to help them answer those questions. **

Harder questions are worth more points, with bonus points
being awarded for effort, as well as for amusing the judges,
the moderator or the audience. Points will be awarded
towards correct answers based on the discretion of the judges.
The winners will receive prizes and a certificate proclaiming
them to be Unicode Trivialists.

----- The fine print:

* Officers, Board Members, Illuminati Emeriti and current
Staff of the Unicode Consortium are not eligible to
participate as contestants (except for Sarasvati, should
she deign to bless the gathering with her corporeal aspect.)

** Each contestant is limited to a maximum of twelve kilograms
of non-perishable research material, not to exceed two cubic
meters in total volume.


P.S. Sarasvati notes in passing that there is no specific
mention of any limitation as regards the mass or volume
of perishable research material.

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