bye and thanx...

Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 01:03:34 EDT

HI all,
    It was great to be on this list as i started working on an
Internationalization project earlier this year. It was very helpful indeed.
As a matter of fact i have gained quite a lot beacuse of the discussions on
this list....

    As i am leaving for Tokyo, Japan, on the same I18N project, it won't be
possible for me to access my mails so for the time being i am going off the

bye....and Thanks a lot

I request ever charming Saraswati to take my name off the Mailing List...
with due respect to her...

Thanks & Regards,
Samir Mehrotra,
i-flex Solutions Limited,
a CitiCorp venture capital company
at SEI-CMM level 5.

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