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Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 09:44:16 EDT

On 09/01/2000 11:11:02 PM Doug Ewell wrote:


>RFC 1766 is currently being revised to allow three-letter (639-2), as
>well as two-letter (639-1), language codes. This will permit the use
>of language tags for hundreds of less-common languages that have no two-
>letter code. The revision will also provide ways to use 3166-2 country-
>subdivision codes and (draft) ISO 15924 script codes in language tags.

I don't think there is a concensus on use of script codes.

>Naturally, the revised version will not be called RFC 1766, but will be
>assigned a new number. I don't know if UTR #7 will be updated to refer
>to the new RFC when it is published (I think it should be).

I don't think UTR#7 should be making any normative reference to any system
of language identifiers. Unicode is providing a set of characters; it
should be up to some other protocol to specify how those will be used.

- Peter

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