RE: the Ethnologue

Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 17:25:03 EDT

On 09/13/2000 12:04:24 PM "Ayers, Mike" wrote:

> What I'd really like to know is why there seems to be this
>insistence on only one official list of languages when there appears to be
>clear need for two. There appears to be interest for a comprehensive, if
>imperfect, list on one hand, whereas other applications (web use, etc.)
>interested in a fully researched list like RFC1766 provides. Why must
>be the same list? Can't we acknowledge that it's going to take a long
>to get everything right and work from two eventually converging lists?

I have no problem with that whatsoever. Creating an alternate namespace
mechanism with Ethnologue codes in a separate namespace seems to offer
exactly what you describe.

- Peter

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