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Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 01:24:53 EDT

Understandable... but you might want to start by taking smaller bites, such
as one major language platform at a time? :-)

I'll start with the one I know more about... Visual Basic. There is really
not much to think about, since the language tries to hide the details from
you. The strings you work with? Unicode BSTRs. The interfaces? All COM,
which means all Unicode as well. Of course, anytime it talks with something
outside of this little world, such as file system operations, API calls, its
IDE, or its own forms package, it converts from Unicode using CP_ACP (the
default system code page). Unfortunately, this makes you pay the whole price
of Unicode without getting most of the benefits of a single universal
character encoding, unless you do some extra work (which I wrote a book
about -- link at the bottom of the mail! <g> It does not come out until 9/19

For Visual C++, it also suffers from a terminal non-Unicode IDE, However,
programs can be written and compiled to deal exclusively with Unicode if you
like. And if you need to support the non-Unicode operating systems as well,
you can look at the following article, which discusses how to create a
single Unicode binary for all platforms:

The entire Global Software Development site has many useful resources, the
link is here at:

This site has many FAQs, articles, resource materials, and someone who
answers a lot of questions (the mysterious Dr. International!).

Sorry for the generic and general answers, but this is a topic that you
probably want to dig into a bit so you know what to ask about, first! :-)


a new book on internationalization in VB at

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hi friends...

we are new to Unicode and we are aware of the basic concepts of Unicode and
UTF-8 coding...
but as far as the implementation of Unicode encoding on platforms like
Visual C++ or Visual Basic are concerned,
we are pretty much in the dark..
if someone could help us in this regard, that would be just great...

thankx and regards,

Sandeep Krishna and Santosh S.N.

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