Re: Tagging orthographic systems

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 05:18:09 EDT

Ar 12:55 -0800 2000-09-13, scríobh Kenneth Whistler:

>On the other hand, the "-ize" versus "-ise" spelling distinctions
>are rather systematic differences between American and British
>conventions, and could be considered to represent an orthographic
>difference, since there are strongly held opinions regarding
>correctness on both sides of the wall, and spellcheckers should
>distinguish between them based on expressed preferences.

But even here, as I have pointed out, there are different traditions on
both sides of the atlantic.

Tire Center (US)
Tire Centre (CA)
Tyre Centre (GB)
civilization (US)
civilization (GB) Oxford recommendation
civilisation (GB) Lots of folks

It would be very nice if the big software providers could give
English-speakers spell-check dictionaries for the ACTUAL varieties of
English which are found. It is really quite irritating to have to add all
the -ize forms to a British English user dictionary since the suffix is so
very productive. The point is that the "expressed preferences" aren't

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